User Testimonials

Testimonials From Evert-It™ Nipple Enhancer Users

"It's wonderful. It's so much more handy and convenient than using the pump. I used shells with my first baby, and they didn't really work, but this did. I'll tell people about it!"

"It worked! I really liked the device."

"Nipple would stand out after using it. I used it for 2-3 days."

"Definitely helped. I used it before feedings for 4 days."

"It helped me. I don't have flat nipples anymore."

"Helped a lot. I used it before feedings. Felt great, worked wonderfully. I loved the device because it really helped me with breastfeeding."

"Helped make my nipples more flexible so my baby could breastfeed."

"The device worked great. Once my milk came in, breastfeeding was more difficult, and I used it then."

"It did the trick! Without the device, I would not have been able to breastfeed at all!"

"I used it frequently for one week. It helped to pull out my nipples and my right one now stays out by itself."

"It made my dream of breastfeeding come true."