About Us

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Maternal Concepts® offers innovative solutions for breastfeeding mothers. We started in 1997, by a partnership between nursing and industry. Two nurses conceived an idea involving a syringe with a special tip, which would help women who were having difficulty latching their babies onto the breast. What began with one nurse sawing the ends off syringes in her basement, became our first product. The nurses found a syringe manufacturing company, and after many conference calls and meetings, the Evert-It™ Nipple Enhancer was born.

During hospital trials of the product, it was found that the special tip on the Evert-It™ could be used to feed babies their own mother's milk obtained during use of the Evert-It™. Thus, our second product, the Suckle-Cup™ was created.

We have continued to expand our line of products with the Supplemate™ I & II. We will continue to expand our product line to assist nursing mothers and their babies. We welcome feedback from our customers. Hopefully, together we can create new products and share insights into a wonderful part of our lives — child rearing.