Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Evert-It™ Nipple Enhancer used for?

When a woman has flat, retracting or inverted nipples that cause the infant to have difficulty latching on properly, or at all, the use of the Evert-It™ may improve the protractility of the nipples and surrounding tissue and assist the nipples with everting.

When the breasts are engorged or overly full, the Evert-It™ may be used to draw milk out of the lactiferous sinuses to soften the areola, encourage the nipples to evert and make latching onto the breast easier for the infant. (The use of the cone end is recommended for this purpose).

Prenatally, the Evert-It™ may be used to encourage nipples to evert when they are flat, retracted or inverted, and improve protractility of the nipple skin. The prenatal use may make the initiation of breastfeeding easier after the baby is born. The use of the Nipple Enhancer is not recommended prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Can the device be sterilized?

The Evert-It™ can be boiled if sterilization is necessary. A small amount of shrinkage may occur in the soft tip, however, the suction should be unaffected by the boiling process. The tip of the Evert-It™ is dishwasher safe, but the syringe gets very difficult to pull after repeatedly being put in the dishwasher, so we suggest only cleaning the tip this way. Due to the antibacterial nature of breastmilk, sterilization should not be necessary. We recommend washing the Evert-It™ with hot soapy water, rinsing well and then air drying. The Evert-It™ should not be autoclaved or microwaved as it will have an effect on the syringe.

Why is there a dual tip?

With the narrower sleeve end, it is possible to apply a direct, concentrated suction pressure at the base of the nipple where adhesions occur that may prevent the nipple from optimal protrusion. If the nipple can be made to protrude or evert, the baby has a better chance of being able to latch-on.

The design of the cone end accommodates all nipple sizes and can provide the same suction pressures which will help the nipple evert. The use of the cone end can improve protractility of the nipple skin to allow the baby to pull it far enough back into his or her mouth for a better or more effective latch.

The cone end may also be used when a woman's breasts are overly full or engorged, to pull her nipple out and draw some milk out of the lactiferous sinuses behind the nipple, so that the area is softer and more pliable. When breasts are overly full, it can be like asking the baby to latch-on to a tennis ball. With the cone end, a mother can soften the area for an easier latch.

We have also been told by mothers that the Evert-It™ can be useful when she must be away from her baby for a short period of time to pull milk out of the breast and relieve that "too full" feeling.

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